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California Veterinary Relief

Thomas Babcock, DVM

FlexVets Relief Associate

“FlexVets takes the hassle out of relief work by organizing schedules, billing, and payment.  They provide an easy intuitive platform and help facilitate the logistics.  This allows me to focus on the job instead of the paper work.”

Dr. Emily H.

Former FlexVets Relief Associate

"Working for FlexVets was the first time I felt fulfilled as a companion animal veterinarian as it allowed me the flexibility to pursue my interests in exotics and wildlife medicine while having a stable workload and avoiding burnout.  It was amazing not having to spend any time worrying about logistics."

Mike Cao, DVM

CEO, Irvine Valley Veterinary Hospital

"I’ve worked with most of the relief veterinarian organizations out there. As we have grown into a multi-facility practice with a dedicated ER & Critical Care hospital, Dr. Simmons and his FlexVets group have been invaluable in providing us the support we need. His handpicked team of veterinarians, including board certified specialists, and his personalized service for our practice have made his group our top choice to help with providing top notch ER & Critical Care for the pets in our community. As a practice owner I want to make sure our clients and patients do not experience any loss in quality of care when they come to us and see a relief veterinarian. Unfortunately with other relief veterinarian groups there is little to no quality control. The rates that these groups charge demand a level of professionalism in clinical skills and communication that is rarely ever met. With FlexVets, this is not an issue. There is no loss of quality. The clients and patients don’t experience any decrease in the level of care provided. The rates are fair, and the practice remains profitable."

Chelsea D., BVSc, MVM, ABVP (Avian) Candidate

FlexVets Relief Associate

"I feel very fortunate to be working for FlexVets. I've been able to work with staff that I enjoy while practicing a high standard of medicine and it has been a wonderful opportunity to get to know the clinics in a new area. I love having freedom over my own schedule and the flexibility to arrange work around other things in my life. It's also really nice to have someone else take care of all the administration tasks for you. Joe has been a very supportive and generous boss and I feel like my work is valued."  



FlexVets is a flexible veterinary relief group that helps to address veterinarian shortages for growth, vacations and mental health.


Committed and responsive


Work hard, play hard

Mental health

Paramount importance

Who we are

FlexVets are seasoned veterinarians ready to help your clinic grow and succeed.

Our philosophy

Proper work life balance is a win-win for everyone. Happy associates lead to happy patients, practice growth and better mental health.

How we work

Simple answer: work hard, play hard. See our explainer pages or contact us to learn more!