How it works.

FlexVets is a full time relief group that was established to address quality of life and mental health issues in the veterinary industry.

How does FlexVets work from an associate’s view?

Associates are given the flexibility to pick their own schedule from available shifts.  Associates decide how many hours per month they would like to work (usually only 30/week is full time!) and schedule accordingly.  Associates receive base pay, bonus opportunities, and full time associates receive standard benefits.

Who fits this job?

This job is tailor made for outgoing personalities that aren’t afraid to step into new situations and meet new people.  Quality medicine and experience are a must, we only provide top notch services to our clients!

The FlexVets difference

Burned out and tired of veterinary medicine?  Join us and see the difference!

For consideration, submit your CV to [email protected].

Frequently asked questions by associates
Yes! You choose your own schedule.  This is still veterinary medicine, and we still work for a living, but each month you get to choose when and where you work based on what’s available.  You may develop hospital or shift preferences, and we do our best to accommodate those as much as possible, and still be fair to all associates.
Generally scheduling starts around 60 days in advance, sometimes earlier or sometimes later.  You will hear from your scheduling manager at least monthly, and you check the virtual shiftboard for opportunities.  Once you are scheduled, the dates are confirmed with hospitals and made official!
Very few!  We take the pain of marketing, unreliable pay, benefits procurement, 1099 liability, payroll, retirement plans, business negotiations and virtually every other tiresome task out of relief work.  You show up, practice high quality medicine, and go home to free time and hobbies.  It really is that simple

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