How it works

FlexVets is a flexible veterinary relief group located in California that helps to address veterinary shortages for growth, vacations and mental health.

How does relief with FlexVets work?

Pretty simple!  Reach out to a FlexVets manager with shifts you need covered.  We add these to our virtual shiftboard, and associates pick dates they can work.  You receive an invoice for work performed.  FlexVets is fully incorporated and insured, no need to worry about 1099 messes, payroll taxes, or any other headaches.  It really is that simple.

What types of hospitals does FlexVets serve?

We have associates that love everything from specialty, ER, to GP and even exotics.  If you have a need, we likely have a solution!

The FlexVets difference

All of our associates are hand picked and practice quality medicine.  They will decrease your stress levels and produce for your hospital, and also give your permanent associates the break they deserve.

Ready to get started?  Reach out to [email protected]!


FlexVets prides itself on quality.  All associates practice quality medicine and will treat your hospital like their own.  If you ever have a problem with an associate, we will resolve it, or you never have to use that associate again!

We can’t guarantee complete coverage, of course.  We strive to provide the best coverage possible for everyone, and will work with you to find the right match and get you the coverage you need.

Of course!  If you have formed a special relationship with an associate, or they have special skills you need, let us know and we will do our best to make sure that associate is with you as much as possible!

When an invoice is sent, payment instructions are included.  You can either mail an old school paper check, pay online at our payment portal ( with credit card or ACH, or set us up in your company’s ACH system.  Please reach out with any payment problems!

Reach out to [email protected] for further questions or use our contact form!

The Flexvets process

  • Request dates and times for coverage

  • Dates confirmed when accepted

  • Receive invoice

  • Relax!